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An expert in medical, forensic, and environments toxicology.

Success in litigating medical-legal cases is dependent not only upon case merit and the skill of the attorney handling the case but also upon the knowledge, insight, forensic experience, careful attention to case detail and presentation skills of the experts called upon by the attorney.

Dr. Gustin has had extensive experience over the last 30 years as a case reviewer and expert witness. He is able to provide an insightful and detailed unbiased analysis of toxicology cases.  His unique qualifications including board certification in Emergency Medicine and Forensic Medicine, Masters degrees in Biochemistry and Metabolism, and Toxicology, Epidemiology and Public Health, and second residency training in Preventive Medicine enables him to analyze complex cases that could otherwise require several experts from different specialties to evaluate.

Dr. Gustin is available as a toxicology expert to assist potential litigants evaluate all cases related to his areas of expertise. He is also available as a medical record reviewer to perform initial detailed case screenings for merit and strategic planning in any medical specialty area and in toxicology for a reasonable cost-effective flat fee. His areas of expertise are noted on the home page of this website.

Here are some services Dr. Gustin can provide to ensure that you have the expert evaluation and support critical to the success of your case.


Flat rate screening of all toxicology cases, criminal or civil, for merit, create and sign affidavits of merit in states requiring affidavits, and provide case strategic planning. He is qualified to do this in any medical specialty area because of his extensive cross-specialty training and experience in Emergency Medicine.





Review cases as a potential testifying medical expert in his fields of expertise: Medical Toxicology, Occupational and Environmental Toxicology, Forensic Medicine, Addiction, Poisoning and Substance Abuse, Public Health, Nutrition, Pharmaceutical Medicine, and Emergency Medicine.


With regard to the examination of medical experts and medical defendants.


Upon request.


Dr. Gustin's services are nationwide. He has reviewed Forensic and Toxicology cases in every state. Some states like Montana, for example, do not have Toxicology support services. Dr. Gustin is available to assist in these situations.

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